Saturday Hands-on Classes

Saturday October 28,2017

Admission must be purchased seperately.  It is EXTRA to class prices.

All classes are organized by Gusta Cooking  Studio

All enquiries regarding classes should be forwarded to:


Instructor: Violet Lin Tran

"Geometric Fairy Cake with Statement Bow" $190  

Up your cake decorating skills with this trend forward class. Violet will teach you her tips and practical skills that will make this complex looking design a breeze to achieve. All supplies & tools will be provided for use in class and you will take home your own version plus a ton of transferable new skills that you can apply to any design. In this hands-on class, you will learn how to: - create geometric patterns using basic cutters you already have (this pattern and more) - apply geometric patterns in a clean precise way, easily - create a standing 2D topper from any template - create a two-toned statement bow, Violet’s way (and the easiest) - use standard molds in creative ways - determine what consistency of paste is best to use for each task - paint with lustre dusts to get even coverage


Instructor: Albena Petrova

"Gorgeous Floral 2D Embroidery" $190 

Embroidery cake designs are an elegant final decoration touch that can perfect wedding cakes or fine desserts for other special occasions. So far one of the most popular embroidery techniques used in cake decorating has been the beautiful brush embroidery. Making brush embroidery however is an intermediate to advanced decorating skill. Beginners should take some time and fair amount of practice before they tackle brush embroidery. 2D Embroidery class will give you the chance to learn new and much easier way on how to create stunning embroidery designs that give character and texture to the cake. It is open to all skill levels. 2D embroidery is a perfect addition to vintage, shabby chic and fashion inspired cakes. In this class students will learn: - how to create 2D embroidery out of fondant - how to correctly position flower arrangement on the cake - how to apply pencil transfer - how to use colours to create dimension, depth and balance


Instructor:  Sandy Chak

Handcrafted Bean Paste Peony Blossom$150

An advance technique of making realistic 100% edible craft flower for cake decoration! A flower contains no wire, no CMC, low in sugar and made with the healthy white kidney beans! You will be amazed by how flexible this flower would be! From this class you will learn: · Colouring technique · Petal making technique with bean paste dough · Flower assembly · Direction of display and storage of bean paste craft flower · Introduction of petal cutters & tools


Reservations for Hands-On Classes are based on first come-first served.

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