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Albena Petrova

Bulgarian born Albena Petrova was raised in a family of artists – a sculptor and a jeweler, where she developed an interest in painting and sculpting from an early age. Her early education was in pottery making and glass engraving, and later after graduating from Pearson School of Culinary Arts in Montreal specializing in Pastry Making, Albena started using her unique artistic vision to bring cakes to life.

Albena loves thinking out of the box and experimenting with tools and materials. Attention to the detail is an important part of her work as the owner of Albena Cake Design in Montreal. She finds inspirations everywhere - flowers, fashion, art, architecture, nature and people.

Throughout her career, Albena has accumulated a long list of awards including Satin Ice Artist of Excellence, winner of the first place at 2013 Montreal Cake Show - Wedding Cakes Category – as well as having her work featured in numerous magazines.

Instagram: @albenacakedesign


Saturday October 28

9:30am-10:30am Demonstration

Make your Beautiful Freesia out of Gum Paste:  $10

12:15pm-3:15pm  Hands On

Gorgeous Floral 2D Embroidery:  $190

Baron Hau

Baron is the founding instructor at Gusta Cooking Studio located in Markham, Canada.

In this venture, he endeavours to promote taste education while providing access to global ingredients and tools normally reserved for industry professionals. Baron’s gastronomic journey started young. Frequent dining out developed his palate, while travels and keen reading broadened his foodscope.

His background was in linguistics, psychology, and public relations, but a career shift led him to culinary and pastry education with French chefs at Le Cordon Bleu, and subsequent trainings at Institut Paul Bocuse and L'ecole Valrhona.

His passion lies in sugarwork and chocolate, where creativity and technical know-hows are equally important. Aside from teaching, he also connects talents and resources by providing menu consulting services for restaurants and cafes.

Instagram: @gustacooking


Sunday October 29

3:30pm-6:30pm Hands On

Hand Rolled Truffles:  Matcha, Cassis, Black Truffle:  $140

Catherine Beddall

Catherine Beddall is a pastry artist based in Ottawa, Canada. A former graphic designer, Catherine turned her cake decorating hobby into a career after enrolling in Algonquin College's Baking and Pastry Arts program, going on to build a successful business creating cakes and gingerbread houses for clients in the Ottawa area.

Now an instructor at Algonquin College, she teaches baking and other specialized patissier courses at the college and is committed to mentoring and sharing her knowledge with her students.

Catherine's newest passion has been developing and opening the Honour Roll, a bakery based at Algonquin College in which students create high-end cakes and pastries as part of their work placement program. Catherine is the author of the critically acclaimed "The Magic of Gingerbread".

Instagram: @cbeddalledibleart


Sunday October 29

1:15pm-2:45pm Demonstration

The Magic of Gingerbread:  $15

Cathy Lei

Cake decorating had always been a passion for Cathy, who has worked in cake decorating for more than 6 years.

Her own cake business, Flour and Flower Cake Design, has flourished and expanded to include a teaching boutique in Markham.

Her wedding cakes imbue a classy vintage style, her design reflects her acuity in adjusting the perfect colours. Keeping up at decorators' front, she endeavoured to South Korea to train her Korean buttercream piping techniques with renowned Korean buttercream artist and educator Kim&Cake professionally.

Being certified to teach, she has been teaching the trending techniques in her boutique and at Gusta Cooking Studio receiving excellent feedbacks.

Instagram: @cathylei314


Sunday October 29

12:15pm-3:15pm Hands On

Korean Buttercream Rose Piping and Arrangements:  $175

    Holly Sigur Broussard

    Holly Sigur Broussard, 25, a specialty cake designer and young mom, is the founder and owner of Sweet Elizabeth Cake Designs in Prairieville, Louisiana.

    Sweet Elizabeth was formed as a result of Holly’s love for baking and art. As a child, Broussard loved to spend time in the kitchen. However, it was baking that captivated her attention. Holly’s love for baking and her growing family encouraged her to pursue her passion and live out her dream of becoming a cake designer.

    As Broussard’s business grows, so does her expectation for each of her cakes. Each cake must surpass the one before in creativity and execution. Holly’s mission for her business is to make a product that is absolutely unforgettable.

    Instagram: @sweetelizabethcakedesigns


    Saturday October 28

    12:00pm-1:00pm Demonstration

    The World of Interactive Cakes:  $10

    Sunday October 29

    9:00am-12:00pm:  Hands On

    Photobooth Cake that Levitates:  $275

    Susan Trianos

    Susan has been in the industry now for 30 years. In this time, she has owned a renowned cake shop in Toronto, Canada, worked for Wilton head office, ran the test kitchen for one of the world's largest food companies (baking division, of course). Her work has been featured in many magazines, TV shows, billboards and edible props for movies. She now focuses on teaching at cake shows and schools locally and abroad, competing, and judging. She has so much to share, and is more than willing to do so!

    Instagram: @susantrianoscustomcakes


    Sunday October 29

    4:15pm-5:15pm Demonstration

    Step-by-Step Peony Flower :  $10

    Joni Kwan

    Joni is the cake designer at Joni & Cake. She’s always been passionate about art and cake. After graduating from OCADU’s Fine Arts program, she continued refining her artistry and techniques by studying Cake Design at Bonnie Gordon College, as well as teaching drawing and painting on the side. Paying meticulous attention to each and every cake, she crafts lifelike sugar flowers, sculpts 3D figures and paints with delicate perfection. Each of her cakes is specifically designed for her customers and she strive to enrich their special occasion with a meaningful and memorable creation, whether it is for a wedding, birthday or baby shower.

    Instagram: joniandcake


    Saturday October 28

    1:15pm-2:15pm Demonstration

    Baby Safari Animal Sugar Paste Figures:  $10

    Kangmin Wu

    Graduated with a masters degree in material engineering from Mcmaster University, Kangmin followed a career as a cake decorator, a dream job that he would devote all his life to. He loves modeling, wedding cakes, custom cakes, chocolate, etc.

    Matrin Diez is his chocolate teacher, Frank Haasnoot his pastry teacher; while he is his own teacher in fondant cakes.

    Having worked in Bobbette and Belle as a cake decorator, he currently runs his own sweet business with passion enthusiasm and love.

    Instagram: @ianbakery


    Saturday October 28

    3:45pm-4:45pm Demonstration

    Celestial Molded Chocolate Bonbons:  $10


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