Chef Bios 2

Masashi Nakagome

Masashi Nakagome is the co-owner and pastry chef at Neo Coffee Bar in Toronto, a contemporary coffee bar that also offers unique pastries with wagashi -- Japanese sweets -- ingredients.

Masashi has been a pastry chef and barista in Japan and Toronto over the last 10 years.

His favorite part of working at Neo Coffee Bar is seeing their guests everyday and the smile that their pastries put on their faces.

Instagram: @neocoffeebarto


Sunday October 29

10:45am-11:45am:  Demonstration

Contemporary Japanese Roll Cake with Wagashi:  $10

Melissa Huang

Melissa is the one-woman team behind the Instagram account, Melly Eats World, which has over 50k followers.

A self-described hardcore hobbyist baker, she spent most of her childhood reading recipe books, watching cooking shows, testing and re-testing recipes until they are perfect.

As an artist and baker, Melissa found her perfect creative outlet in the forms of character macarons and decorated sugar cookies. Melissa's work has been featured in a variety of international digital publications including Bored Panda, Country Living, Pouch & Fashion Waltz. Outside of baking, Melissa enjoys traveling around the world seeking new food adventures.

Instagram: @mellyeatsworld


Sunday October 29

12:00pm-1:00pm:  Demonstration

Pandarons!:  $10

Sandy Chak

Sandy Chak, former advertising photographer & lecturer, now a bean paste flower artist, specializes in bean paste hand craft flowers and realistic flower piping. As Korean flower cake decoration proliferated on social media over the past year, she became fascinated, and traveled to Korea and learned various techniques from the bean paste flower master artists. Thereon, she continues to develop her unique recipe, style and colouring technique. She created her own brand, FLEUR ALLURE, and was recognized by Jessica Magazine of Hong Kong as a creative artist in her area. Sandy is now stationed at Victoria, B.C. As a Certified Instructor of Korea Deco Flower Cake Association & Global Flower Design Association, she continues to teach and share her experience with Canadian cake decorators in bean paste flower art.

Instagram: @fleur.allure


Saturday October 28

10:45am-11:45am Demonstration

Hand Piped Bean Paste Realistic Rose:  $10

3:30pm-6:30pm Hands On

Handcrafted Bean Paste Peony Blossom:  $150

Stacey Farrant

Stacey Farrant is the owner of Sweet Bakery in Brantford, and the host of the ROGERS TV Regional Baking Show, Sweet Occasions.

When she is not busy running her growing shop, she is known to be the "Diva 'Round Town", as the weekly columnist for the Metroland paper, the Brant News, covering all that's happening with people, places and local current events.

A mother of three grown children, Sarah Spencer and Alex; and the loving partner to Justin, Stacey aspires to make everyday a #SWEET Occasion.

Instagram: @sweetbakerybrant


Sunday October 29

9:30am-10:30am:  Seminar

#Sweet Success--From Home Baker to Business Owner:  $10

Violet Lin Tran

Violet worked as a sales manager and associate director of marketing in telecommunications for nearly a decade before she discovered cake decorating over 9 years ago. Completely self-taught mostly through on-line research and good old trial and error, Violet shares her designs, tips and best practices on her Facebook page and blog and is known for her innovative style, which often uses distinct combinations of textures and colours.

Her work has been featured in numerous magazines internationally, in print and online. Recently, she has begun teaching her signature techniques in hands on classes as well as on-line videos with Pretty Witty Cakes in the UK and Craftsy in the US. She is also a proud member of the Satin Ice Artists of Excellence team. Inspiration for her unique designs comes from all things, but she is especially drawn to geometric prints and textiles, as well as modern home décor and fashion trends.

Instagram: @thevioletcakeshop


Saturday October 28

9:00am-12:00pm:  Hands On

Geometric Fairy Cake with Statement Bow:  $190

2:30pm-3:30pm:  Demonstration

Modern Cake Design:  3 Textures and Techniques:  $10

Christina Wong

Christina is a self-taught cake and dessert table designer who followed a hobby-turned-passion into a small business. Truffle Cake & Pastry specializes in customized cakes and sweets for anything from a dinner party with friends and family, to dessert tables for a gorgeous wedding. Over the 11 years that Christina has been building Truffle Cake & Pastry, her designs have been featured in magazines such as WedLuxe, Elegant Wedding, Today’s Bride, Lavish Dulhan and WeddingBells. They have also been showcased on “Breakfast Television”, “The Social”, and the blog “Style me Pretty”.

Instagram: @trufflecakeandpastry


Sunday October 29

3:00pm-4:00pm:  Demonstration

Dessert Table Design Tricks and Techniques: $10

Gina Cianfarani & Nancy Castro

Gina Cianfarani

Gina’s passion for cooking came at an early age from her family and Italian roots in Sora, Italy. Gina specializes in traditional cooking infused with healthy ingredients. Gina’s experience comes from being a sous chef for her uncle Chef Basile. Graduate of the cooking program from St. Catherine. Gina is working towards a Nutrition and Health and Wellness Diploma. An award-winning author, and bestselling cookbooks. Gina enjoys teaching, catering, developing menus and recipes for new restaurants and cookbooks. Her passion for cooking and savoury ingredients is evident as you taste her creations.


Nancy Castro

Influenced by Sicilian tradition, Nancy’s mother taught her at an early age to cook and bake Italian family recipes. Her passion for food later led her to a course in gourmet cuisine. Her journey into wellness started as she faced the challenge and stresses of balancing work and family life with healthy alternatives. With past experience in counseling women in weight loss, Nancy has spent recent years doing menu makeovers where she provided healthy alternatives to recipes. She has published 5 successful cookbooks with Mediterranean, Persian, Caribbean and Indian Vegetarian content. Nancy’s love for cooking and baking with creative alternatives brings you new and exciting flavours to taste.

Instagram: @lightthefire1111


Saturday October 28

5:00pm-6:00pm:  Demonstration

"Magia con Noi--Eat with Us" presented by Cu-Gina


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