The Icing Artist

Laurie Shannon is a self-taught cake decorator and the star of The Icing Artist, one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in the world!

With a knowledge and style of cake decorating inspired by her inner foodie, Laurie creates mesmerizing desserts in a way that is achievable by even a novice home baker! In her fun videos, Laurie teaches the easy way to make WOW-worthy desserts with just a few simple tools and ingredients. Even the non-bakers will fall in love with the captivating and satisfying way Laurie makes her amazing creations.

Constantly reinventing cakes and playing off (and poking fun at!) trends, there is always something new and exciting on The Icing Artist!

Before YouTube, Laurie went to school to be a licensed cabinet maker to later decide she’d rather build cakes then cabinets!

After working at a few local bakeries, she took the knowledge and experience to YouTube. Thus, The Icing Artist was born!

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